Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Did you hear in One of the Carolina's on Christmas day it was 80 degrees Fahrenheit?

u know that it was like 70 degrees in florida, key west a few days ago

ii bet there were a bunch of other crazy place like that buuuuuuuuuutttttttttt....

I'll have a blue Christmas without you; (being swallowed up by waves)
I'll be so blue thinking about you. (house engulfed)
Decorations of red (got nothing.... ooo BLOOD!)
On a green Christmas tree (nothing here)
Won't mean a thing if ( nudge nudge wink wink)
You're not here with me (aww she drowned!)

I'll have a blue Christmas, that's certain; (in the waves)
And when that blue heartache starts hurting, (more like the waves coming higher...)
You'll be doing all right (in heaven)
With your Christmas of white, (again i say heaven!)
But I'll have a blue, blue Christmas (again; in the waves)
[ Blue Christmas Lyrics on ]

yes, i have nothing better to do than turn that song into a global warming song...

Gotta Fly!

be safe.

I know this has nothing to do with Global awerness and all, but be safe this new years!

If you've had a few drink please don't try to drive home, stay where you are, or call someone who isn't under the influence!

please for yourself, and the other's lives who you are putting at risk. Don't drive drunk.

Cleaning Aisle

Duuuude. I was in the grocery store for some buttermilk earlier tonight and I walked down the cleaning aisle and it HIT ME like BAM! The aisle was LONG and the shelves where STOCK FULL of all these chemicals. And I thoguht to myself. HOLY FREAKING CRAP. ALl of this will eventually be used and not only is at all chemicals...its all in heavy duty plastic and all of it is going to end up in a land fill and odwn the drain into sewage drains and crap.

It made me absolutely sick! Don't really know what one can do to stop it but...I don't know. It just doesn't seem all.
Love you Sonar

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Okay, so one of the things that are hard to decompose naturally are ink cartridges... and uhh.... you can recycle them at best buy as i have said before and now YOU CAN MAKE IT LAST LONGER WITH


It has holes in it so when you print it looks solid but it really isn't. it's actually really cool. just click on the link above (ecofont) and click on English. it also shows what the letters actually look like.
NOW think about how many things you have to type, for school work, whatever, now if you were to use the ECOFONT it would make your ink cartridges last longer


Love you Echo



Hello I just wanted to tell everyone who is new here Hi and Welcome. (Basically people who I haven't had a chance to say Hi to yet because I 've been real busy)

So Hello. Wish I had more to say but I'm at a loss.


First Post For Me!!!!!

Hey guys I've read through alot of the posts on this blog, but one has reminded me of something that could help.......A band called the Standards is helping reach out to those who are abused.

My cuz has a friend who is abused alot......She has an ex-boyfriend who is abused which is worse for him, because like me, he has diabetes......It hurts alot to have the disease, but I can't imagin

being abused as well.........That scares me.......Anyway........My mind went blank........Stop abuse!!!Give peace!!!!!!!
-Heather/Gaara panda
The Effect of Global Warming and Prevention of It

so lets be hypothetical here. lets just pretend that everyone hates cars and polluting factories and doesn't use them. that would go alright for a few days. it would stop some pollution. five days in, a volcano erupts. boom there goes more pollution than the humans make times 2.

in other words global warming is going to happen by natural means including natural pollution
its happened before and it can happen again

dont get mad at me that this post s**ks
its actually random that im even here

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Cape Wind Project

BOSTON (Reuters) - A plan to build the United States' first offshore wind farm took another step forward on Tuesday, after the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection has approved its proposed undersea cables to transmit power to the mainland.
The Cape Wind project, which would place 130 turbines about 4.7 miles off upscale Cape Cod, would provide "greater public benefit than detriment," the state review found.
The proposed wind farm, opposed by beachfront homeowners who complain the 247-foot (75-meter) towers would spoil their views, would provide enough power for about 400,000 homes.
Developers of the $1 billion project are still waiting on a composite state and local permit, as well as federal approvals by the U.S. Coast Guard, Department of the Interior and the Federal Aviation Administration, said Mark Rogers, a spokesman for privately held Cape Wind Associates LLC.
Rogers said Cape Wind expects the permitting process to be complete by March.

I found this article online and I found it interesting to see that this kind of safe, clean, renewable kind of energy was becoming a very real and possible alternative.

- Cruz

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


How many people post on this blog???
Just a question

seal hunting vid

seal hunting vid on youtube
i couldnt finesh watching it

Seal Hunting

i got this as a email from one of my friends


How would you like it to be whacked hard over the head as a 'sport'?

Norway and Canada have a new kind of tourism. Killing baby seals. They call it a 'sport'..
You want to call this a sport ?

Is he a sportsman?


You're our only hope !!!

This barbarism shouldnt be possible in our society...
Dont turn your back on us, we are defenseless!
I know these images seem painful for you, but we feel the pain. We are being slaughtered and its going on RIGHT NOW...
What gives him the right to kill us? Who is he to decide about life and death?

What kind of sport is this? I didnt harm anyone.
Please help me and my friends...
You cant just ignore these images.. Keeping silent and doing nothing makes you guilty...

Please help us
Please dont leave us alone...
Bring these murderers to the attentionof world leaders.Thank you!!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Alternative Fuel Cars

"There's so much pollution in the air now that if it weren't for our lungs there'd be no place to put it all.” -Robert Orben

Hey guys... Cruz here! my topic today Cars... and yes I know, ironic ,given my EXPERT driving skills lol :p.... so most of know about electric or hybrid cars but heres a few others you might not know about

Solar-powered cars use solar panels that convert sunlight into electricity

Water-powered cars use electrolysis to split hydrogen-oxygen to make a gas that runs the internal combustible engine

Air-powered cars use heated compressed air to power the engine ( and they can "fill-up" at any standard air pump)

Sidenote: Mexico has pre-ordered 40,000 of the air-powered cars to replace taxis in the already polluted capitol Mexico City.... why hasn't the US done anything like this?
Merry Early Christmas!!! *^.^* Cruz

I have a question

Tis has NOTHING to do with the blog, but this is the most popular blog im involved in

What is it with this new tagging thing? Who made it up? Can you tell me info on it that I dont know?


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Heh Heh


Stop boredom!

It's bad for the enviorment.

Gotta Fly!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Hawaiin Monk Seals

Due to the global warming crisis that has been going on through the 70's till now, many marine species are becoming endangered, and even extinct. Hawaiin Monk Seals are now an endagered species of seals that live *gasp* by the hawaiin islands. There are only a round about estimate of 1,200 left. Now you may think, wow, that's quite a few. But it's not. At all. compare that to the number of human being on this earth. hmm.

6.8 billion people vs. 1,200 seals.
do you see the damage that we are causing as people? As monsters? This is the animal's planet. Not ours. Respect them. Recycle. Carpool. Go organic. Be proactive. We can make a difference.

how does this fit in?

Even though this isn't green it makes me cry.
Christmas Shoes
(click on that)

So how does it fit in... uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

i got it~find a cure for diseases!

Gotta Fly!

child abuse?STOP IT!

this is a clip on youtube watch it


I dont care if this isn't green! STOP CHILD ABUSE!

I found this on dark horizons blog

"Stop it Dan!" she cried.

Rushing to the side of her child,

pulling a drunk husband off of his step-child.

"Goddam kid spilled his milk!" He shouted at her.

and plunges his hand back down.

"STOP!" desperatly grabbing at his shirt she sobbed.

and as she manages to get him off,

it's already too late.

The child lays unconsious on the linolium floor,

and there are tear streaks on his face.

and his shirt,

his shirt is soaked with milk.

"It shouldn't hurt to be a child."

stop child abuse. If you see child abuse tell somone. Not saying anything is as bad as doing it.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I did some research...

ANd I found a bunch of quiz's about how green you are.
Here's some of them:

This one is funny, it's like a gameshow.

A multiple Choice one!

I would do more but I'm kinda sick.

Gotta Fly!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Nathaniel's first post on the seal hunt.

I'm guessing that you think I'm about to pull out some seal pup pictures and yell about how cuddlywuddly the seal pup is, and how it shouldn't be hunted because of it's cuteness. Yeah freaking right. I'm here to inform all of ye animal activists that the seal hunt is not a bad thing. But first, who am I?

Well, I'm your friendly neighborhood Nathaniel, of the genus Homo, and the species sapien. That's right, I'm a human like you. I'm all for the saving of the earth, but some people are a little too nit picky, and/or, doesn't look beyond the bundle of cuddly fur. Other than this, like it says in my profile, I wrestle bears and fight off rhinos with my laser gun. My mark on the enviro quiz was Wolf paw,which I'm proud of, because wolves are awesome, and that werewolves are better than vampires.

Back to the rantary. Well for one thing, the little fuzzball used in protests is actually illegal to hunt, so don't try and pull that crap. And another image used to try and stop the seal hunt is the hackapick. Which is much like a club. Now your thinking "GASP! They club those innocent things!" Yes, yes we do. But, in reality, when beaten with the club, they feel almost no pain, and die instantly, instead of having to shoot them, and wait for them to slowly bleed to death. So that aside, which seems more humane? And you know what? The choice that causes less pain is actually banned now. Yeah, so much for loving the animals. Also, those seal pups are vicious, not quite so cuddly, and once again, you can't hunt them anyways, but it wouldn't help protests if they had to use the blubbery grey blob.

Now on the front of why it must be continued. Well, you may not know it, but this is a vital source of revenue for my province, and home. Many many families make their living through the seal hunt, and if it was shut down, and made illegal, then all these people would need to start over, and it would cause a lot of pain for them, and would most likely scrap any future plans.

And if your still all for no seal hunt, consider this. The seal population is not bad at all. They are a thriving species despite the seal hunt. So we can't make them extinct at this rate by continuing the seal hunt, but if we don't hunt them, then they will over populate. And when they over populate the demand for their food is high, thus, they over hunt the fish, and the already damaged fishery in Newfoundland and Labrador will become even worse, possibly killing off almost every fish in the area. The province is also highly dependant on the fishery, so even more jobs will be lost, and hopes crushed, not just the fishermen, but all of the people working in the fish processing plants will lose their jobs and income, making the all of the people there move away, and it could kill the province entirely. Which is a terrible thing. But not only the people will suffer the entire eco-systeme suffers. Other species also dependant on the fish will die out as well.

In other words, to keep the world in balance, we need to continue the seal hunt. And though we're clubbing seals, we're saving the world at the same time.

The purpose of this post? To make people look beyond certain aspects of the world, not just in the green areas, but everywhere in life. Also, go save some endangered species, and leave the thriving ones alone. Seriously, whoever came up with the idea to go protest the seal hunt is an idiot.



Sunday, December 14, 2008

Few Things


but the stupid link didn't copy right


Third Don't forget to recycle EVERYTING you possibly can. I was at Best Buy yesterday and right as you walk in the door there is a bin to recycle things like cellular stuff, ink catridges, and other stuff.



im posting now.

I have egret feet to


gotta fly

Saturday, December 13, 2008


i know this is my first post, but i just took this quiz and its actually semi-cool!!

you should try it too!!!! (although even BEING on this blog reduces the size of your 'feet' by half-a-size. a whole one in england.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Speaking of Ze Animals

Why i don't like Bush..... the idiot

if you can't tell click on the idiot to see what i am talking about..... THE GUY IS SUCH A FREAKIN IDIOT!!!!
ps. If you would like to join the blog as an author, like Cruz did, just leave your e-mail address and when i read your comment i will add you on.

Save Ze Animals!!

I'm one of the new authors to this blog, I'm Cruz, and I know most of you so I'm just going to jump right into my topic...

Most of us know several ways that pollution can effect animal life. We (as a planet full of people) needlessly and carelessly keep killing innocent animals. We're polluting their water sources (and our own, but conveniently enough we clean our water) with trash and debris. We are poisoning their food supply with chemical waste and toxins. Relating to Sonar's last post, there was this rare type of iguana that had two-thirds of it's population wiped out by ONE oil spill!! Just one! The oil contaminated the algae they feed on and their digestive systems couldn't handle it. I think it was by the Galapagos Islands. We also drive animals out of their natural habitat for the purpose of "development" and "expansion". Seriously, do we need ANOTHER McDonald's or Starbucks? I have like 2 within 5 minute drive from my house and they're building another one not far away. It's ridiculous. Then they wonder why they have all these animals in urban areas, maybe it's because those animals aren't invading our areas, we're invading THEIRS!

OH! but the most despicable story I've heard was about gorillas in the Virunga National Wildlife Reserve. They were killed EXECUTION-STYLE by soldiers! Yeah, that's right these gorillas were just living in peace in a national park. This national park happen to be the sight of a three-way war, so one of the sides decided to try to sabotage the other side by killing I think it was 7 gorillas. The national park is their source of revenue with tourists, so these gorillas were accustomed to being around people so they didn't shy away when the soldiers came to kill them. I'll find the link to the story. National Geographic.

So what can WE do to help? We can look at the disturbing picture, we can read the research articles, we can admit there's a problem (unlike most gov't officials!) and face it head on. So that when we're old enough (most of us are young) we can elect people into the government that share our views, so we won't fall for false words, or fake promises of elected officials. We'll know the truth, we'll know the real problem, and we can choose people who are WILLING to make a difference.So for now we keep educating ourselves, keep doing the individual things in our home or school to GO GREEN (or GO RAINBOW!), so we can make a better future for ourselves, our animal friends, our entire planet.

Here are some post topics, comment if you want to discuss any of these, or comment any ideas you might have and I'll try to make posts about them...
- Cars (water powered, air-powered, and solar powered technology)
- Natural Disasters (caused by global warming)
- Tips to GO GREEN in your home at no cost to you or your folks
- Common ways to reuse things
- Effects of pollution on endangered animals
- Current Legislation about Environmental Issues
- What other countries are doing about the Environment
- Alternate Energy Sources ( I know Sonar covered this in his Waves post, but it was really good and I was thinking about breaking it down to individual types)

Or any other ideas... okay I'm done talking now... no WAIT if you're from one of my other blogs, go click follower World Saver thingy PLEASE! BECOME A WORLD SAVER!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


it's Bad..... we watched a movie on oil spills in envirothon the other day..... THEY ARE REALLY FREAKING BAD!!!! Oil is bad for everything so why do we continue using it..... BECAUSE THE GOVERNMENT IS CURRENTLY FULL OF IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, December 2, 2008


hi i'm the new person on this blog. i really want to save the world so here's a tip: recycle all things that you can possibly recycle!! basically, GO RECYCLE CRAZY!!!!!!!!

do this and you will be a big help to the earth.

remember the more people that help our earth, the longer the earth will last!!


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!