Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Hollows eve!!!

Happy Halloween people!!! After you go trick or treating inspect the candy (depending where you've got the candy), Then throw away the rapers to a garbage can ok cause i aint cleaning it up people!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008


I don't know how many of you read the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld, but the idea of magnetism is sort of brought up there. They have hoverboards that can fly only in the city. The city is built on top of a giant metal/magnet grid so that these things can work.

This is a good idea but remaking all the roads and such would cost A TON of money and we are already in a failing economy. Which brings me to my other point.

The US (our country) is so focused on war and our economy that no one is paying attention to out planet. I mean, HELLO why are we fighting each other over things that could be gone to us *snap* just like that. If we all start using solar power and such the demand for oil/gas would be really low and maybe we wouldn't really even need to use it anymore. (therefore the US would have independance...which we are apparently looking to achieve...I don't know)

In the long run, we would end up saving money (everyone would). Helping the environment takes time and energy, but without help we aren't going to be here.

Start paying attention to what you purchase and what it is encased in.
Recycle, reuse, etc etc, (repetitive I know)
Stop buying so much crap that you REALLY don't need. Seriously. Take pleasure in the little things. Remember? Think about it, when we die, no matter what you believe, your possessions are going to stay put and they certainly aren't coming with you. (I'm not saying that having things is bad, you know what I mean) Put more value in your friends and family...people and animals that you care about. Try not putting too much sentimental value on inanimate objects. (This also helps your character and not just the issue with resources blah blah blah)
Carpool..take buses. That bus is going to be going to it's destination whether you are driving or not. Why waste more fuel if you can just catch a ride with a friend or public transportation? (It can also be cheaper too)
I'm sure you all have heard of all these little things that can be done, but you know I might as well post them

Take shorter showers or take baths instead, that way you aren't letting gallons of water go down the drain.
Unplug electrical items that are not being used. Even if they are off they are still conducting electricity. UNPLUG them. (This can be difficult sometimes but there are also outlets you can buy that you can unplug everything at once.
I can't think of anything else really at the moment. I'm in a bit of a hurry.

I like to take baby steps but everyone should be involved and the little things DO actually matter. They help untangle the bigger problem for the people who can actually handle those big ideas we have.


I love Sonar<3


Thursday, October 23, 2008


I have a great idea!!! Maybe we could use magnetism to make cars hover and flout with out gasoline!!! It would be a fawesome but there's a problem... I'm too young to be heard and I need someone older then me to give it to a scientist (not evil and mad and crazy and etc.) Anyway we the kids of the future need to make plans and ideas cause adults are going to kill us even before we can do a single thing so get out there and make plans for the future NOW!!! or forever hold you peace and let us die... yes it's sad to say it but we WILL die if we don't do something SOON!!!


Did any of you know we can actually use wave power?
i don't really know how it works, but the fluid motion of the sea water does something with a generator out in the ocean
AND fifteen miles off the coast of california winds blow long and hard enough to generate(hold on i gotta find the figures) ummmm..... well i wrote a research paper on this stuff and i think i am just going to put that up here it's a little long so please forgive me

Air pollution is the contamination of air by smoke and harmful gases, mainly oxides of Carbon, Sulfur, and Nitrogen (World Book Online). Ancient Civilizations struggled with all forms of pollution. Wood, smoke, dust, and tanneries polluted the air, while raw sewage flowed down the streets in Ancient Rome. Benjamin Franklin increased the public awareness of pollution. In 1905, Henry Antoine Des Voeux devised the term smog in London to begin showing concern about air pollution. In 1907,the Supreme Court limits sulfur and other harmful emissions by the Tennessee Copper Company. In 1970, the first Earth day is celebrated which starts an era of Environmental Awareness, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is created. Congress also passes an extension to the Clean Air Act, requiring the EPA to control amounts of Nitrogen, Sulfur Dioxide, and particulates in the air (Leading Issues Timeline).
The history of air pollution will help the world understand the causes of it. Transportation has played a big role in air pollution. Burning the fuels in cars releases harmful gases into the air such as carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, sulfur, and others. These gases cause global warming, which is thermal pollution of the atmosphere. Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) from old refrigerators, old aerosol cans, and some old air conditioning units destroy ozone. Ozone is an oxygen molecule consisting of three oxygen atoms (O3). CFCs break it down into two oxygen atoms (O2). Ozone reflects ultra violet and other radiation back into space so the earth is not cooked in a matter of seconds. Factories also release these harmful gases.
The harmful gases have effects on the entire world. The gases in the air mix with water, and they create acidic substances that break down the waxy coating on the leaves of plants. The waxy coating protects the plants from diseases, pests, drought, and frost. Plants and trees can equalize the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere as long as the number of burned trees equals the amount of those still standing (Socha). However, the world is burning much more than are standing, it is just disguised as fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are plants from millions of years ago that stored the CO2, then died and held it. Burning the fossil fuels releases the CO2 back into the atmosphere. Air Pollution also affects the circulatory system. Air pollution can thicken blood, which can lead to heart attacks and strokes. Catherine Zandonella says, “Levels of pollution commonly found in major U.S. cities can trigger sudden heart attacks, contribute to hardening of the arteries or atherosclerosis, induce abnormal heart rhythms, cause inflammation of heart tissue and even thicken the blood, according to a review of the topic in the June 1, 2004, issue of the journal Circulation. All of these effects can eventually lead to death from cardiovascular causes such as heart attack.” Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere cause global warming. Global Warming is actually air pollution, by warming up the air, causing thermal pollution. Thermal pollution is warming something up to make life change. Warmer air is melting the ice caps, which is going to change life.
The effects can be counteracted though. Since many of these are because of power, we could use alternate power sources. One possible solution is solar power. The U.S. could run on solely solar power if it used rooftops of apartment buildings, city buildings, and unused areas like the desert. “On a sunny winter morning, Reg Gage's electric meter is spinning backward--and that's good. It means the 36-rooftop solar panels are producing more electricity than his new five-bedroom house is using. The surplus electricity goes out to the "grid"--back to his utility, Pacific Gas & Electric Co.--and Gage gets a credit that lowers next month's bill,”(Ritter). With that much solar power, if a part of the country were dark, another could supply the energy needed for that specific area. It would take about ten thousand square miles of solar panels to provide enough electricity to power America (Parfit 2-31). Some people are also trying to better focus light on solar panels to collect more light. Other people are trying to create a better solar panel. The combination of the two could result in America completely switching to solar power. They are also considering putting solar power stations in space and “beaming” the energy down to earth. This technology was already attempted in Palau, a small island nation of about 20,000 people (Hanley).
Solar power is not the only solution wind power can be used. Wind power could be harnessed with wind towers. Wind towers could be put off the coast where winds are much stronger. “The winds blowing 15 miles or even farther off the U.S. coasts potentially could produce 900,000 megawatts of electricity, or roughly the same amount as nearly all the nation's existing power sources combined, according to Department of Energy estimates,” says Blumenthal. Wind energy is a clean energy source, the world could cut down on coal and oil power plants, and it could even cut back on nuclear power plants. There are more places than just California; they could be used as well.
They are planning on putting wave power generators on the offshore windmills. They would harness the power of the waves. They would use the wave power to supply energy to a machine that would make hydrogen through hydrolysis. Hydrolysis is a process in which hydrogen is separated from water through the use of an electrical current. The created hydrogen would be shipped back to mainland USA, which could then be used to power hydrogen cars.
These energies could be shipped around the country and it could turn America into a Green Nation. They could double energy output, putting coal power plants out of business. According to Ellen Hale, “The relentless winds that blow off the seas and across the British Isles rip umbrellas to shreds and tear trees up by the roots, but now people who live here are finding a silver lining in the gale forces: cheap, clean energy, and lots of it.” This could be a solution for America as well, like in The Windy City.
There are solutions that don’t replace power plants. Carbon Scrubbing is one of them. Carbon Scrubbing is the act of taking carbon out of the air. On the discovery planet show Project Earth, they discuss ways to do this, they build a machine that uses caustic soda to capture the CO2 and store it. The CO2 would then be frozen and they would turn the frozen CO2 into discs that would be put on “rockets” that would be dropped into the ocean to embed themselves into the seafloor below. The rockets consist of a weighted nose cone with a rod that the discs are put on, and then a tail fin is attached. This would remove the CO2 from the air and reduce global warming.

i know it's a lot of yadda yadda yadda blah blah blah.... and what not but there are some great ideas in it


ps. Cruz is right, we do need to get back to this kinda stuff!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Froggys

I have just heard some classified info...can't tell you much because its seriously classified...But the froggys are endangered! ONE SPECIES CAN NO LONGER BE FOUND IN THE WILD! EVIL FUNGUS IS KILLING THEM!!!!...SAVE THEM!!!!!!
Time to Fly,

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


okay so you know that list waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy down there somewhere about what we need to save well i am adding to it

Don't rape koalas with mints.....

don't ask.... i bet as soon as echo reads this she's gonna fall out of her chair or something laughing hysterically..... maybe


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Um guyz i have some bad news.

Um guys I'm sorry to tell you this but we have to grow up and do something cause I just found out that a meteor might hit us in a few 100 years or so. People if you have any good ideas on how to save us from the giant rock plz give us any ideas.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Okay... so you should all notice the poll on the right..... VOTE!! make people come to this blog and make them vote.... is there isn't over 100 total votes by the time it's over....i might be upset...probably not but....MAKE PEOPLE COME LOOK AT IT!!!!!!

Oh... and Jess, those are awesome really is the point i am trying to get across


Friday, October 17, 2008

Peace is just a wish it can never happen untill we kids get together!!!

What is today's date?
I have no sense of what day it is
I'm so possessed by something I'm hardly able to live

Just like yesterday
I'm lonely, walking around the shops at night,
With their fake smiles lined up,
And today, again, the earth is spinning...

I want everyone out there to join forces for the puzzle of the future
It's difficult, troublesome, testing us,
As we search for an undiscovered peace.
That's right, until the picture of the future is completed
We're getting desperate, going by trial and error...
We're living...

Today, again, the new morning
Passes by calmly, and within that time,
We reflect on the delight of being able to do what we want to.

As we're waiting for tomorrow
our pride only looks up.
But even so, today, same as ever,
The earth is spinning...

I want everyone out there to join forces for the puzzle of the future
It's difficult, troublesome, we're struggling,
As we seek an undiscovered peace
That's right, at the moment the picture of the future is completed
We'll be reminded, we'll imagine,
We'll be living.

Within our hands, we'll catch the Future
We'll go on our journey Together
We're living, wanting to feel happiness
Wanting to feel it together with you
We'll walk again starting tomorrow
The real days are slipping away from us
We'll fly out to a dazzling place
Yeah, we'll start from here on, BeforU

People are awkward things,
Things with a backside to their surfaces
Things that also find deep meaning even in stuff that's stupid...

I want everyone out there to join forces for the puzzle of the future
It's difficult, troublesome, testing us
As we search for an undiscovered peace.
That's right, until the picture of the future is completed
we're getting desperate, going by trial and error,
we're living...

Yeah, the wind feels so nice,
The sunlight is so radiant,
I want to take a breath
And hold my hands up high.

Because we want to look right at it,
Because we're going to try and find it,
Let's find Love & Peace

-These are lyrics from the Jpop song "Peace". The band is "BeForU" and they want the world to live and florish till 3000.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Okay... now i want everyone to answer this.

What is the most valuable thing in the world?

i will give my opinion later..

Give, don't take

One more thing about the grocery shopping...or ANY shopping for that matter.

Look at how much packaging is used. It so pathetic. With food, get healthier things. They are usually NOT encased in glass/plastic/cardboard etc box or whatever and they are healthier for you.

Reuse your bags, buy the reusable ones or recylce them in those bins they have.

Also, for you shopoholics: Use what you have and stop buying new crap that you never wear or use. This is a waste of time, money and resources and all it ends up doing in the long run is filling land fills.

Earth to humans: Worldy possesions are all most of us care about. Here's an idea. Go outside with some friends and take a hike or something natural and fun. It's fun, it's cheap and it leaves long lasting memories and it's a more valuable experience that going to the mall every weekend or whatnot. Not saying that it's a bad thing, I just think that people are obbsessed with products.

You all know what I am tlaking about.

Start giving more and taking less


Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Now.... that picture at the top of my blog will change every now and then to show all the animals eventually effected by pollution and bad things in the environment.... mainly the Human element..... cause most hybrids are created with a very large connection with the whether that was done on purpose or not i don't know, but most kids are too (young adults whatever) , and short people, i don't know about the last one but it is just something i noticed.... then again... most people are shorter than i so..... nevermind

ANYWAYS!! now the pic is a polar bear... athey are effected by global warming , which is caused by air pollution..... which is caused by stupid cars and power plants that on coal.... and yes, i blame the oil companies completely for global warming... storm blames me.... whatever..... so new energy ideas..... solar, wind, waves, hydrogen, water, OH and don't forget (this is not an energy idea) Carbon Scrubbing..... taking carbon out of the air using caustic soda..... it captures carbon and stores it, then you freeze the carbon, and send it to the bottom of the ocean.....
okay so i was watching the discovery channel cause i was sooooooooo bored..... Project Earth is the name of the show and you should all try to check it out.

wow..... that was only supposed to be like one sentence..... sorry


Good points

Anonymous Said:
Just a thoughtYou know how all those new hybrid cars are supposed to be all enviromnetally friendly? Well, what;s happening to all your old cars? Most of them are ending up in the junkyard. I know some cars are being sold for scrap metal and such but my point is a lot of people waste so much for things that are so unnessesary.

Echo,Lilac,Tilla,Celedae said...
I totally agree.At boston market I noticed that they put your food in those gigantic plastic plates with giant dome that cover them...even when your eating it THERE. Which means as soon as you finish your food you throw out a bunch of plastic that you didn't even really touch.Here's a thought. Start eating at home and buy things at the grocery store. Not only does it save money, it saves a bunch of our resources. And most brocery stores have reusable bags or places to recycle the plastic bags they give you. Everyone needs to grocery shop eventually, it's not that hard to recycle those little bags.Make a difference people!


Sonar Says:
Wow you two....those are really good points...and the plastic bags are actually ILLEGAL!!! in some other countries... or frowned upon in socitey because.... well..... THEY GET INTO EVERYTHING!!!!!!! Next time you get a target bag.... look on the side... it has like ten or so ideas to REUSE it...even reusing them helps.... cause then you use less..... thhen they don't go everywhere as soon.....
And yeah.... Echo is right..... we really do need to start shopping at grocery stores.... i mean come on people! is it really that hard to put a piece of chicken in a pan throw some salt a pepper onit then get the instant rice and have chicken and rice?! come on...there are so many easy things to do..... just go but it and ccok it....don't just buy it...... and the whole car thing..... just scrap your car don't give it to a junkyard...put it out by the road with a for sale sign..... if it's that bad put it out with a sign that says parts for sale! DON'T PUT IT IN THE JUNKYARD!!!!!!!

Thanks for listening.... now actually do it.


ps. thanks Jess and No Longer Loving People! your support is greatly appreciated!


So..... we need to stop all this pollution and all this bad stuff in the world right?
Some may ask why.... well i'm gonna tell y'all....

Save the polar bears
Save the rain forest
save the tigers
save the pandas
save all of the species of furry friends that radar has
AND MOST OF ALL!!!! Save the our life size penguins so they can eat whatever that girl's name is that always comes up in conversations on the bus ride home........ ( storm would get it...the rest of you probably won't)



Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Dont kill the world, I still wanna live...


I dont care if I'm dead i still want this planet to live and have people living on it, so GO GREEN!!!


hehe.... i blew up the moon!

Pollution Free World!!!!!!

Hello all!

I am sonar... for info about me and my flock visit my other blog....

Okay, so...... i was in english class the other day... my teacher said that we had to write a research paper on a social issue.... yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever...... sooooo

i started it, got a rough draft at the moment... and well THE WORLD IS A MESS!!!!!

We need to start actually caring about this planet...mainly because WE LIVE HERE AND IT IS OUR FUTURE!!!

I am creating this blog to start the awareness so tell EVERYONE!!!!

The world is at stake.... the only ones who can fix it are the kids of today...... the adults are just going to fight and go to war over it..... SO PITCH IN AND DO SOMETHING!!!


--Oh and if you would like to be an author of this blog and help me convince the world.... leave your e-mail and i will add you.....