Monday, January 12, 2009

NEW MEMBER ALERT!! (nothing to do with saving the world, sorry folks!)

Hi, I'm Seth.

Discription of specimen: Dark black hair that covers most of it's face, tanish skin, black apparel, sarchastic attitude, foster-home kid origionally brought up by raving LUNATICS!! until age nine. Since then it's been living in different foster homes until his mom either gets out of jail/nut-house, or dad reappears. Neither are likely. Sister, Violet, dead. Specimen under the care of Dr. and Mrs. Blake Langly.

Oh, and another thing, kids, *i don't exist*

Uh Hiya!

Hello!!!I'm so sorry I havn't posted in a while......To give you an idea about me....These pics.The right one is me and my cat twinkle...The other is Twinkle and my kitten Punkin..Yes I spelled that right it's Punkin...Punk for short...The sad thing is Punkin has a disorder that makes her stay small her whole life......
-Heather/chained up with sand