Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Motivational Rant [because I can]

Just wanted to vent about something:

I was taking to someone who was having a fight with their significant other about recycling. After all the hype I made about it, I finally got the one to start recycling as much as possible. But this persons significant other thinks that it is useless.

I understand that it is a huge problem and they may or may not really recycle everything we try to slip into the bins but STILL. It's worth a shot. Every little thing counts, right? I mean, saving pennies will take forever, but eventully you could save a lot. Recycling one bottle out of a million will take forever, but if you don't do it who's to say that the person next door will?

It's up to us. We're the ones that past generations have dumped this problem on. Are we going to just keep passing it on, or are we going to stand up and do something about it?!

Semi-Motivational Rant over.
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Thank you

Echo and Co.