Friday, December 19, 2008

Hawaiin Monk Seals

Due to the global warming crisis that has been going on through the 70's till now, many marine species are becoming endangered, and even extinct. Hawaiin Monk Seals are now an endagered species of seals that live *gasp* by the hawaiin islands. There are only a round about estimate of 1,200 left. Now you may think, wow, that's quite a few. But it's not. At all. compare that to the number of human being on this earth. hmm.

6.8 billion people vs. 1,200 seals.
do you see the damage that we are causing as people? As monsters? This is the animal's planet. Not ours. Respect them. Recycle. Carpool. Go organic. Be proactive. We can make a difference.

how does this fit in?

Even though this isn't green it makes me cry.
Christmas Shoes
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So how does it fit in... uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

i got it~find a cure for diseases!

Gotta Fly!

child abuse?STOP IT!

this is a clip on youtube watch it


I dont care if this isn't green! STOP CHILD ABUSE!

I found this on dark horizons blog

"Stop it Dan!" she cried.

Rushing to the side of her child,

pulling a drunk husband off of his step-child.

"Goddam kid spilled his milk!" He shouted at her.

and plunges his hand back down.

"STOP!" desperatly grabbing at his shirt she sobbed.

and as she manages to get him off,

it's already too late.

The child lays unconsious on the linolium floor,

and there are tear streaks on his face.

and his shirt,

his shirt is soaked with milk.

"It shouldn't hurt to be a child."

stop child abuse. If you see child abuse tell somone. Not saying anything is as bad as doing it.