Friday, December 12, 2008

Speaking of Ze Animals

Why i don't like Bush..... the idiot

if you can't tell click on the idiot to see what i am talking about..... THE GUY IS SUCH A FREAKIN IDIOT!!!!
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Aria said...

He needs to hurry up and get the hell out of office, like running down our economy, loss of lives in the war and giving Texas a bad rep wasn't bad enough, now he's doing this! Jan 19 seems too far away.

Cruz said...

You know Aria you should tell us how you REALLY feel... lol, but yeah it seems really far away

LonelyWerewolf said...
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Forever said...

Bush is ruining EVERYTHING!!
he is causing national debt and is killing soldiers by not pulling them out of Iraq. when will he stop? when will he realize that he is leaving the younger generation (us) with nothing to be proud of?

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i would like to participate in this blog...

Avalon said...