Tuesday, December 2, 2008


hi i'm the new person on this blog. i really want to save the world so here's a tip: recycle all things that you can possibly recycle!! basically, GO RECYCLE CRAZY!!!!!!!!

do this and you will be a big help to the earth.

remember the more people that help our earth, the longer the earth will last!!


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Gandalf said...

Amen to that

Anonymous said...

hi...*goes back to looking at the blog*

The Coven said...

Yay new person and new post!

Echo is extremely happy.

LISTEN TO THE POST PEOPLE...it's important.

Storm said...


Gandalf said...

Cool, new person.Let me intraduce my self I'm Gandalf and I gess I'm at your servise as well.

Alexandria said...

HI!!!!!!!!! Me is new to ur blog!!! I LURVE IT!!!
Might as well tell you my name is Alex and I and my friends are at ur service!!

Cruz said...

I'd like to help with the blog... but I'm not sure how often I'd have time to make posts, but I have ideas for posts/discussions if you still need help ... and you might want to remove MAXRIDE blog at bottom of blog list, Silvertip deleted that blog like last month or longer ago... Echo has my e-mail (i use that one for friends from school/bloggers I rpg with) I think that's the one linked to my blog,not sure.

do we need a translator? lol... just kidding...(^.~)