Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Did you hear in One of the Carolina's on Christmas day it was 80 degrees Fahrenheit?

u know that it was like 70 degrees in florida, key west a few days ago

ii bet there were a bunch of other crazy place like that buuuuuuuuuutttttttttt....

I'll have a blue Christmas without you; (being swallowed up by waves)
I'll be so blue thinking about you. (house engulfed)
Decorations of red (got nothing.... ooo BLOOD!)
On a green Christmas tree (nothing here)
Won't mean a thing if ( nudge nudge wink wink)
You're not here with me (aww she drowned!)

I'll have a blue Christmas, that's certain; (in the waves)
And when that blue heartache starts hurting, (more like the waves coming higher...)
You'll be doing all right (in heaven)
With your Christmas of white, (again i say heaven!)
But I'll have a blue, blue Christmas (again; in the waves)
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yes, i have nothing better to do than turn that song into a global warming song...

Gotta Fly!


The Coven said...

humans are wasteful creatures. Yes...yes we are.

The Coven said...

stupid global warming.

Garra panda said...

Stupid green house effect.


Cruz said...

I went swimming on Friday cuz it was so warm outside... yeah crazy weather...

Imortal Gaara said...

agreed......I stayed inside....I almost had a heatstroke!!LOL