Tuesday, March 24, 2009


umm hi... i would first like to know who the head cheese here is. get it? headcheese? heehee ANYWOO umm i have NO idea why i was asked to contribute to this blog but i am guessing i have to write something about saving the world *rolls eyes* first of all EGGS ARE NOT BABY CHICKENS they are eggs that have not been fertilized so that means you are not killing anything same with milk. i have to say i think it is really mean and gross to eat fish egg and Lamb meat or any other baby. i believe in a lot of things about saving the world but there is a point of "thou art obsesive" if you know what i mean and Meat is very good for you it helps build muscle and is good for other things so i dont want to hear any crap about meat not being good for you because i looked it up so that is all i have to say so bye bye


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