Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Effect of Global Warming and Prevention of It

so lets be hypothetical here. lets just pretend that everyone hates cars and polluting factories and doesn't use them. that would go alright for a few days. it would stop some pollution. five days in, a volcano erupts. boom there goes more pollution than the humans make times 2.

in other words global warming is going to happen by natural means including natural pollution
its happened before and it can happen again

dont get mad at me that this post s**ks
its actually random that im even here


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Cruz said...

I did see this post earlier, but I waited until someone else commented before I did, cuz I know that gets on your nerves when I comment right away...

yes global warming IS happening, and there ARE natural disasters happening more often because of it and yes there IS pollution that we can't control, however... there is so much we CAN control, like recycling, conserving energy, using alternative sources for fuel and clean energy, there's loads more... and that's the part we need to focus on... regardless of the natural disasters that we know are inevitable and out of our control

you know I went to the South Padre in Oct and they hadn't recovered from hurricane in July, like 80% of the businesses were closed, housing, hotels, and stores some were still in ruins and there was like no one there, on a weekend! it's was really sad because everyone always sees the images of the natural disasters damage on TV, but we hardly ever think about the months or sometimes years it takes for an area to recover from such damage. It was really sad.

Garra panda said...

I say we build new structures for the polar bears!!!It should be possibble...If it's not some one will invent a way to make it possible.