Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I have a question

Tis has NOTHING to do with the blog, but this is the most popular blog im involved in

What is it with this new tagging thing? Who made it up? Can you tell me info on it that I dont know?



Cruz said...

It just a game, no one knows who started it, I've seen tags with 5 and 8 and tags with random questions ... but truth be told, I was the one that was tagged last week, and brought on the tagging with this group of friends :p lol sorry guys *^.^* but it's fun to do once, after that it gets annoying lol

Bite me! said...

I agree.


Radar/Saphire said...


Garra panda said...


Avalon said...

it has gotten annyoying

Garra panda said...

I agree.....I ignore most of them.