Friday, December 12, 2008

Save Ze Animals!!

I'm one of the new authors to this blog, I'm Cruz, and I know most of you so I'm just going to jump right into my topic...

Most of us know several ways that pollution can effect animal life. We (as a planet full of people) needlessly and carelessly keep killing innocent animals. We're polluting their water sources (and our own, but conveniently enough we clean our water) with trash and debris. We are poisoning their food supply with chemical waste and toxins. Relating to Sonar's last post, there was this rare type of iguana that had two-thirds of it's population wiped out by ONE oil spill!! Just one! The oil contaminated the algae they feed on and their digestive systems couldn't handle it. I think it was by the Galapagos Islands. We also drive animals out of their natural habitat for the purpose of "development" and "expansion". Seriously, do we need ANOTHER McDonald's or Starbucks? I have like 2 within 5 minute drive from my house and they're building another one not far away. It's ridiculous. Then they wonder why they have all these animals in urban areas, maybe it's because those animals aren't invading our areas, we're invading THEIRS!

OH! but the most despicable story I've heard was about gorillas in the Virunga National Wildlife Reserve. They were killed EXECUTION-STYLE by soldiers! Yeah, that's right these gorillas were just living in peace in a national park. This national park happen to be the sight of a three-way war, so one of the sides decided to try to sabotage the other side by killing I think it was 7 gorillas. The national park is their source of revenue with tourists, so these gorillas were accustomed to being around people so they didn't shy away when the soldiers came to kill them. I'll find the link to the story. National Geographic.

So what can WE do to help? We can look at the disturbing picture, we can read the research articles, we can admit there's a problem (unlike most gov't officials!) and face it head on. So that when we're old enough (most of us are young) we can elect people into the government that share our views, so we won't fall for false words, or fake promises of elected officials. We'll know the truth, we'll know the real problem, and we can choose people who are WILLING to make a difference.So for now we keep educating ourselves, keep doing the individual things in our home or school to GO GREEN (or GO RAINBOW!), so we can make a better future for ourselves, our animal friends, our entire planet.

Here are some post topics, comment if you want to discuss any of these, or comment any ideas you might have and I'll try to make posts about them...
- Cars (water powered, air-powered, and solar powered technology)
- Natural Disasters (caused by global warming)
- Tips to GO GREEN in your home at no cost to you or your folks
- Common ways to reuse things
- Effects of pollution on endangered animals
- Current Legislation about Environmental Issues
- What other countries are doing about the Environment
- Alternate Energy Sources ( I know Sonar covered this in his Waves post, but it was really good and I was thinking about breaking it down to individual types)

Or any other ideas... okay I'm done talking now... no WAIT if you're from one of my other blogs, go click follower World Saver thingy PLEASE! BECOME A WORLD SAVER!!!


Salom said...
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shadowolf said...

I seriously, seriously, SERIOUSLY hate humans.

I love animals and the environment though.


Salom said...

cant say i hate em

just wouldnt want to be one

fully at least

Cruz said...

shadowolf: I've been meaning to go by your blog, thx for following my other blog, and NOT ALL humans are bad, some of us here on this blog care... but SOME human's behavior digusts me to my core, too. Nice to meet you, finally.

Salom: where the heck have you been? thanks for commenting, proof you're still alive! lol j/k (^.~) It's nice to know "non-fully" humans care about our environment,too. TTYL

Salom said...

im still heer and im not dead

i always care about the enviroment

im just not always online

Salom said...

i swear if i use enter one more time...

Storm said...

i'm here too!! STORM IS AAALLLIIIIIVVVVEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!
i don't like (most) humans either, salom. but the ones here are ok. (a little strange, though...)
you know i'm kidding! ^.~ *hugglsnugglz*

Aria said...

*hands up* I'm following this blog!Cruz,is it? lol

Jeez that pic... that's really disturbing. Have they invented those cars or is it like "in theory" kinda thing?


sonar said...

i know for sure there are solar and water powered but air i am not sure about.... Cruz?

Cruz said...

Salom: still trying to kick your addiction, huh? lol =D

Storm: YAYYYYZZZ! STORM'S ALIVE!!!! *runs and gives Storm huge hugglsnugglz back*

Aria, is it? you're so silly. hands up? I wasn't forcing you, just be disappointed if you didn't, but you did, thx.

Sonar: It's like heated air pressure that powers it, I don't remember the specifics on HOW it works though.

shadowolf said...

O yeah, Cruz. heh heh. I totally forgot to say that i dont hate enviramentalists and pppl like that.

I don't hate myself, after all.


Robert Varulfur said...

That story, I read it, disgusted me so much!!!!

Nathaniel said...

Well, as disgusted you are, it's how life works. I think that those gorrilas should have run, but their minds were altered from their origional thinking pattern to mark human as friend, when we are anything but.

Also, think of this. Mass killings of humans at this point isn't a bad thing. We are waaaaay to over populated for our own good. We are such, because no other organism can oppose us. The human race is possibly the end of the world. Now I'm no mass murderer, and am too meek to do it, but if it happens, then we'll hold mamorials, but it's a whole lot better for the environment.

Also, evolution will save those cameleons. The ones that survived have an imunity to oil, I'm guessing, so if another oil spill occurs, they won't be highly effected, that's how natural selection works. Danger and death of some animals meens striving, and good things for those that survived.

You might not share my views, but meh, should I care? I'm just spreading the word. Also, I'm a wolf paw for that quiz. I'm trying my best to go green, and am getting greener every day. WOOT!

Cruz said...

Shadowolf: yeah, I knew what you meant :)

Robert: I know, me too... I read the story like last summer and I couldn't stop thinking about it, thx for reading it.

Nathaniel: survival of the fittest, for a second there I thought I was at Tracer's blog lol but hey all views are accepted even if not shared by others... I really didn't think about adaptation for the iguanas, something to think about... and Nathaniel thanks for reading my post WOOT!WOOT! FOR GOING GREEN!!!^.^

Nathaniel said...

Your welcome Cruz. Also, I'm glad to hear that you accept all views.

I also got an offer to join the blog, which I'm currently mowing over. I think I'll take the job. What do you think?