Friday, October 24, 2008


I don't know how many of you read the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld, but the idea of magnetism is sort of brought up there. They have hoverboards that can fly only in the city. The city is built on top of a giant metal/magnet grid so that these things can work.

This is a good idea but remaking all the roads and such would cost A TON of money and we are already in a failing economy. Which brings me to my other point.

The US (our country) is so focused on war and our economy that no one is paying attention to out planet. I mean, HELLO why are we fighting each other over things that could be gone to us *snap* just like that. If we all start using solar power and such the demand for oil/gas would be really low and maybe we wouldn't really even need to use it anymore. (therefore the US would have independance...which we are apparently looking to achieve...I don't know)

In the long run, we would end up saving money (everyone would). Helping the environment takes time and energy, but without help we aren't going to be here.

Start paying attention to what you purchase and what it is encased in.
Recycle, reuse, etc etc, (repetitive I know)
Stop buying so much crap that you REALLY don't need. Seriously. Take pleasure in the little things. Remember? Think about it, when we die, no matter what you believe, your possessions are going to stay put and they certainly aren't coming with you. (I'm not saying that having things is bad, you know what I mean) Put more value in your friends and family...people and animals that you care about. Try not putting too much sentimental value on inanimate objects. (This also helps your character and not just the issue with resources blah blah blah)
Carpool..take buses. That bus is going to be going to it's destination whether you are driving or not. Why waste more fuel if you can just catch a ride with a friend or public transportation? (It can also be cheaper too)
I'm sure you all have heard of all these little things that can be done, but you know I might as well post them

Take shorter showers or take baths instead, that way you aren't letting gallons of water go down the drain.
Unplug electrical items that are not being used. Even if they are off they are still conducting electricity. UNPLUG them. (This can be difficult sometimes but there are also outlets you can buy that you can unplug everything at once.
I can't think of anything else really at the moment. I'm in a bit of a hurry.

I like to take baby steps but everyone should be involved and the little things DO actually matter. They help untangle the bigger problem for the people who can actually handle those big ideas we have.


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