Sunday, October 11, 2009

So. here's a question for you all...

How many of you are vegetarians?? 'Cause i know that's a big step towards saving the planet. I'm a veggie, myself, though I'm considering cutting out eggs.

To any of you who are Vegetarians, you've probably gotten the question "How do you get enough protien?" plenty of times and perhaps it's left you wondering how you can get more of the protien you need withput having to resort to eggs, or 'pre-packaged chicken abortions', as they are sometimes called. But I have a few tips for anyone willing to listen:

First off, there are three grains that contain a full protien: Quinoa (keen-wah), Spelt and Amaranth. My favorite is quinoa because it makes a really good porridge. and it's easy to get.

Other ways to get full protiens are to mix seeds and nuts because they contain the corresponding protiens that you need.

Another thing that i get from health teachers and people like that is questions about getting B-vitamins, which are found most prominently in meat. However, all i have to tell them is that i drink yerba mate(mah-tay) which contains B-vitamins. There are also several vegetables(though i can't recall them right now) that contain you B's and are easily found in a grocery store.

A few other benefits of being a vegetarian are that you will start to smell sweet not stinky if you eat healthy (that means not becoming a junk food vegetarian, and truly embracing vegetables, not just giving up meat), and you'll notice that you get less tired and can focus a lot easier.

Not to mention, if we were to no longer have cows, we could use all of their pastureland to feed the entire world for several years and reduce the worlds largest source of greenhouse gas emmissions. And isn't that what this whole blog is about?

So, I hope at least of few of you have taken or would like to take the leap into the veggie world, and that you find these few things helpful!

PS. for more info on yerba mate, go to my blog. well, this page of my blog, anyways.