Thursday, December 18, 2008

I did some research...

ANd I found a bunch of quiz's about how green you are.
Here's some of them:

This one is funny, it's like a gameshow.

A multiple Choice one!

I would do more but I'm kinda sick.

Gotta Fly!


Cruz said...

WEEEEEE!!! I'm an ALL JANE, that first one was fun, but I got nervous on the lightening round, I don't work well under pressure lol, but I missed 3 outta 18... and the second one had some interesting facts I didn't know. Cool games.

*^.^* Cruz

Radar/Saphire said...

Awwww I hope you feel better! (hugs)

Avalon said...

now i'm better!
thx 4 caring!

Gotta Fly!

Radar/Saphire said...

YAY! no prob! (hugs) Glad you're all better!