Saturday, December 13, 2008


i know this is my first post, but i just took this quiz and its actually semi-cool!!

you should try it too!!!! (although even BEING on this blog reduces the size of your 'feet' by half-a-size. a whole one in england.


Anonymous said...

uggggg for u people who voted water for the poll u r so weird!!! o.O
if u use all the water we will dieeez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i votedededed solarness

o and awwwwwsommeee background thing, i love polar bears,cept that they will kill me if i get close =p.

Nathaniel said...

Oy, Cory, nice spelling. If you can afford to put extra stuff on every other word then you can put another two on u. Also, water power doesn't work like that, and even if it did, it wouldn't matter, because of the water cycle. Water to air, air to water, and the optional step of air to snow, and then to water.

Water power works to take energy from water. Like placing a turbine in an area that gives off tidal power. Or, when the tide comes in, the turbine turns, when it goes out the turbine spins, both giving us energy. Turbines are also placed in rivers.

I think wind power is the way to go.

Cruz said...

STORM!!WOWZA! cool quiz... YAYZ!!! Storm posted on this blog, you've only been an author since it started lol *huugglz* nice post

CORY!!! thx for coming by, lol no one's going to diezzz! haha polar bears ROCK!! (they don't rock for trying to kill you they rock because they just do, just thought I'd clarify that) and solarness is what I voted too *^.^* *hugs*

Nathaniel: I like the way Cory spells words it makes me feel better about all my misspellings lol... and thx for explaining the way water power works... wind power is good too... wow you're really well-informed about the environment, that's awesome! TTYL at your blog

Nathaniel said...

Thanks. I just did water power for a science project, using the bay of fundi as my tidal power example.

Also, Cory, sorry for being a jerk. I was rudely awakened, so I was grumpy. Either way, sorry.