Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Cape Wind Project

BOSTON (Reuters) - A plan to build the United States' first offshore wind farm took another step forward on Tuesday, after the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection has approved its proposed undersea cables to transmit power to the mainland.
The Cape Wind project, which would place 130 turbines about 4.7 miles off upscale Cape Cod, would provide "greater public benefit than detriment," the state review found.
The proposed wind farm, opposed by beachfront homeowners who complain the 247-foot (75-meter) towers would spoil their views, would provide enough power for about 400,000 homes.
Developers of the $1 billion project are still waiting on a composite state and local permit, as well as federal approvals by the U.S. Coast Guard, Department of the Interior and the Federal Aviation Administration, said Mark Rogers, a spokesman for privately held Cape Wind Associates LLC.
Rogers said Cape Wind expects the permitting process to be complete by March.

I found this article online and I found it interesting to see that this kind of safe, clean, renewable kind of energy was becoming a very real and possible alternative.

- Cruz


Cuppy said...

NICE!!!! This is great!!!!! Man, when my brother gets back from his meditation thing, He's so seeing this blog!!!! :) ROCK ON AWESOME PEOPLES!!!!!!

Garra panda said...

LOL.....I have solar power for my house.....I have a question....
Is it bad to go trapping?

Cruz said...

*hugglfies Cuppy* Thx for coming by and reading my post, and contributor TOO!! Yes, late reaction. You're Awesome!

Garra Panda: Do you prefer Garra panda or Heather? anyway I heard this news story on TV where the home owners assoc was trying to get this guy to take down his solar panels from his house because it was an "eye-soar" isn't that crazy?!? awesome you have solar power though... and actually trapping I have no idea... maybe Nathaniel would have an answer, he knows more about hunting and stuff.

Garra panda said...

I think it's best if you call me Heather....I change names and pics alot.....

I asked if trapping is bad because sadly my father is a trapper......I hate it but I can't get him out of it.All they talk about is fur......It stinks....literaly...They trap skunks!