Friday, December 19, 2008

I dont care if this isn't green! STOP CHILD ABUSE!

I found this on dark horizons blog

"Stop it Dan!" she cried.

Rushing to the side of her child,

pulling a drunk husband off of his step-child.

"Goddam kid spilled his milk!" He shouted at her.

and plunges his hand back down.

"STOP!" desperatly grabbing at his shirt she sobbed.

and as she manages to get him off,

it's already too late.

The child lays unconsious on the linolium floor,

and there are tear streaks on his face.

and his shirt,

his shirt is soaked with milk.

"It shouldn't hurt to be a child."

stop child abuse. If you see child abuse tell somone. Not saying anything is as bad as doing it.


Avalon said...

I have LOT"S of other things like that but I don't want to fill up this blog with them. :(



Gotta Fly!

Cruz said...

*sniff sniff* that's so sad...

Obble said...
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Radar/Saphire said...

MAN MUST DIE!!!....poor baby...


why do you post these sad thing?
no wait, even better; WHY IS LIFE SO CRUEL???!!!
it shouldnt be this way.
they should all go die.
or at least stop being jerks and be happy.

Nathaniel said...

R\S That's not fair. That man has every right to live just like the kid does. As soon as somebody is born they have the right to live, no life should be sacrificed to satisfy the world! DAMN YOU MITHOS!

Heheh, sorry, I finished a game with anti racism as it's main lesson. Anywho, sorry bout that.

Nixx said...

he ythis is copyright infringement! ok, not really, but my friend posted this on her blog! go to


dark☼horizon said...
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dark☼horizon said...

okay. sorry. I would love to be a blog author. sorry about overracting.

Bite me! said...

hi....I am new here I just joined a blog called Anime Culture...Anyone know where the author is????I agree child abuse is bad and should be stoped....I can see if I can get my friends to get on and help...I'm guessing the more the better???


Robert Varulfur said...

This sort of thing really hits home, for me personally. No one, NO ONE should have to go through this. Never.