Monday, December 15, 2008

Nathaniel's first post on the seal hunt.

I'm guessing that you think I'm about to pull out some seal pup pictures and yell about how cuddlywuddly the seal pup is, and how it shouldn't be hunted because of it's cuteness. Yeah freaking right. I'm here to inform all of ye animal activists that the seal hunt is not a bad thing. But first, who am I?

Well, I'm your friendly neighborhood Nathaniel, of the genus Homo, and the species sapien. That's right, I'm a human like you. I'm all for the saving of the earth, but some people are a little too nit picky, and/or, doesn't look beyond the bundle of cuddly fur. Other than this, like it says in my profile, I wrestle bears and fight off rhinos with my laser gun. My mark on the enviro quiz was Wolf paw,which I'm proud of, because wolves are awesome, and that werewolves are better than vampires.

Back to the rantary. Well for one thing, the little fuzzball used in protests is actually illegal to hunt, so don't try and pull that crap. And another image used to try and stop the seal hunt is the hackapick. Which is much like a club. Now your thinking "GASP! They club those innocent things!" Yes, yes we do. But, in reality, when beaten with the club, they feel almost no pain, and die instantly, instead of having to shoot them, and wait for them to slowly bleed to death. So that aside, which seems more humane? And you know what? The choice that causes less pain is actually banned now. Yeah, so much for loving the animals. Also, those seal pups are vicious, not quite so cuddly, and once again, you can't hunt them anyways, but it wouldn't help protests if they had to use the blubbery grey blob.

Now on the front of why it must be continued. Well, you may not know it, but this is a vital source of revenue for my province, and home. Many many families make their living through the seal hunt, and if it was shut down, and made illegal, then all these people would need to start over, and it would cause a lot of pain for them, and would most likely scrap any future plans.

And if your still all for no seal hunt, consider this. The seal population is not bad at all. They are a thriving species despite the seal hunt. So we can't make them extinct at this rate by continuing the seal hunt, but if we don't hunt them, then they will over populate. And when they over populate the demand for their food is high, thus, they over hunt the fish, and the already damaged fishery in Newfoundland and Labrador will become even worse, possibly killing off almost every fish in the area. The province is also highly dependant on the fishery, so even more jobs will be lost, and hopes crushed, not just the fishermen, but all of the people working in the fish processing plants will lose their jobs and income, making the all of the people there move away, and it could kill the province entirely. Which is a terrible thing. But not only the people will suffer the entire eco-systeme suffers. Other species also dependant on the fish will die out as well.

In other words, to keep the world in balance, we need to continue the seal hunt. And though we're clubbing seals, we're saving the world at the same time.

The purpose of this post? To make people look beyond certain aspects of the world, not just in the green areas, but everywhere in life. Also, go save some endangered species, and leave the thriving ones alone. Seriously, whoever came up with the idea to go protest the seal hunt is an idiot.