Thursday, August 27, 2009


Who believes that madness will happen in 2012 if so all the hard work we've done for the planet is done for and i don't get to go to college

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ok you guys all suck at posting. how many members do we have? not one post. so im going to do what i do on my blog, which is basicly rant pointlessly, except here im going to make it have something to do with the environment. so.... on the topic of the cash for clunkers thing. does it actually work? i have been reading up on it since i have nothing better to do and i realised that they dont actually do anything with the so called "clunkers". they simply crush them and put them in a large pile (not sure if they're recycled or not). and how much of an incentive is 4500 dollars anyway? my car cost 6000 and it was a cheap santa fe. with a racing stripe. ok getting a little off topic here, but continuing on with a different topic... um i cant really think of anything cuz im stupid, but i'll definitely post more