Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Dont kill the world, I still wanna live...


I dont care if I'm dead i still want this planet to live and have people living on it, so GO GREEN!!!


hehe.... i blew up the moon!

Pollution Free World!!!!!!

Hello all!

I am sonar... for info about me and my flock visit my other blog....

Okay, so...... i was in english class the other day... my teacher said that we had to write a research paper on a social issue.... yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever...... sooooo

i started it, got a rough draft at the moment... and well THE WORLD IS A MESS!!!!!

We need to start actually caring about this planet...mainly because WE LIVE HERE AND IT IS OUR FUTURE!!!

I am creating this blog to start the awareness so tell EVERYONE!!!!

The world is at stake.... the only ones who can fix it are the kids of today...... the adults are just going to fight and go to war over it..... SO PITCH IN AND DO SOMETHING!!!


--Oh and if you would like to be an author of this blog and help me convince the world.... leave your e-mail and i will add you.....