Friday, March 20, 2009


Cows...or animals can't be blamed for OUR mistakes.
Meat is not that bad for you. Of course veggies are better, but I can't live without meat.

Conserving water!

Keep a milk carton in your shower and save some of the water that you use to flush the toilet. How? Keep the carton in the shower as it fills with water, then when you NEED to flush, dump some of the carton of water into the toilet and the toilet will flush on it's own without wasting as much water as it would normally.

Take shorter showers. OR if you want to be real anal about it turn on the water enough to get wet, do what you need to do to get clean (shampoo, etc) then rinse and get out.

Don't leave the water running when brishing your teeth or washing the dishes.

....If it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down (keep the lid closed in between though...if you can stand to do that)

um....Make sure the dishwasher is completely full (don't break it though) before running it. Same with wahers.

If washing a car, turn OFF the hose after you have wet/rinsed the car.

Don't use water fountains as much.


JUNK MAIL! I don't know oif I have said this before but it is really really pathetic how much PAPER junk mail we get in our mailboxes. It got to the point where I put a sign in my mail box saying "Please hold all mass-marketing mail" And guess what. I ONLY GET WHAT I NEED. And it is so nice to open the mail box and not get attacked by MARKETING. Don't we get enough of it watching TV and being on the Computer? And let's face it, mail is nearly a thing of the past. Letters and Cards are occasional but most people just said an e-mail or print out their coupons.

Just a thought. Kind of along the lines of SAve THe WOrld and SAve THe TRees too. (SAVE THE RAINFORESTS) Stuff like that, but important.

That and useless worksheets that teachers give us. I recycles my french stuff from last year and I had an entire BLACK GARBAGE bag FULL of JUNK. (In total I have three black garbage bags, and that's not including EVERYTHING that I recieved. Wasteful we are.

I was also kind of thinking about this...morbid as it may be.

Has anyone ever really thought about coffins now? These fancy things for people to be placed into the ground? Expensive and no offense, but a waste of material. Some are still made of wood, but waht about the chemicals that are being put into the earth? The paint? The metal pieces? I think that it is both cheaper and more earth friendy to be cremated. (Morbid, I know, but it's somewhat true.) I don't know, the people that we're burying aren't thinking much about how the earth will be turning out, now will they?

I think that that covers it...