Sunday, January 11, 2009

The world is doomed. Embrace it, but just not yet.

This is reporter doctor Hector Shade here. Or just Nathaniel. You know what I find is funny? No matter what we do, the earth is doomed. YAY! Well, give it a couple billion years. BOOOOOO! One day our sun will die out, and then explode, sucking us into the black hole left behind. Isn't that scrumptious!

Now, I'm not for global warming, or the destruction of the earth, but we, as a generation are trying to act so much better, but aren't we doing the same thing we always do? Shifting the world's next big problem onto the next generation's shoulders? If you guessed yes, then your right! Because human kind is bound to screw up again. Why? Because we're human kind! It's what we do best! And keep in mind, global warming isn't entirely our fault. It is a natural occurrence. Not saying that we aren't screwing up though, because global warming was blown out of proportion by, who else? US! HIGH FIVE FOR US SCREW UPS!

But there will be another problem, that will be just as threatening. And the next generation will be like "HEY! HOW DID YOU NOT SEE THIS COMING!? JESUS! Well, looks like generation peanut needs to clean up! HIGH FIVE! Who gets to save the world this time? PEANUT! PEANUT!" and then once they do, there will be a documentary about it, and at the end it will say. "And so generation Peanut pulled together to stop the Juicy Fruit disaster." and we'll feel ashamed that we didn't see the Juicy Fruit disaster coming. Our only consolation will be that our disaster had a better name. And some day hundreds of years from now, in a social studies text book our story will be told, and it will be really really boring to listen to. And some kid will say. "Look at these plaknars! It took them forever to stop ol' GW!" and then the teacher will say. "Now now Irk. Those were different times. Uh oh! Look out, another wave of Blazing Photon is coming! Prepare your desk shields!" then the boy will say. "Looks like generation Laser Fang is going to have to save the earth! Stupid generation Hydro Pump." And the teacher will look down in shame.

My point is, besides that we can't compete with a disaster named Blazing Photon, or a generation called Laser Fang, that if or when we do, don't act so smurky about it, because the human race is going to have a lot of problems to it's bitter black holey end. And don't frown too much on the human race. A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link, and we have a hell of a lot of weak links. We produce smart, and great people. We have produced heroes, but not everyone is a hero. So let's save the world from global warming, and do what we can about the next problem, die, and be yammered on about in a text book by a teacher from a generation named after a Pokemon attack, and be happy that we served our purpose.



Good Afternoon Bloggers

Response to the last post and it's comments (it was getting too long to be a comment so I decided to post it instead)

As we learned in our former government and economics class before we had to start running for our lives again,scientists are thinking about taking the salt out of salt water to provide more freshwater. There isn't really many options for that one that I can think of at the moment...

(Lilac in the background) ...not many ways that are PEACEFUL anyhow...

Yeah, Lilac thinks that we should cause a great explosion that takes human population down to a couple million. Sure like THAT'S gonna do any good. *sarcasm*

Anyway, I can say for a fact that Echo has hugged a tree, I definitely have not and Lilac...well maybe hugged it in a sense that she was in it trying to hide and not fall out of the tree.

This is a blog where people gather to discuss the monstrosities of the earth whether or not we can do anything about it. It is NOT a cult, Radar. It a place where we can simply express our opinions and band together. It is after all OUR generation and our children's and grand children's generation that get stuck with the older generations mistakes.

Unfortunately, last year in a Global Studies class I found that half of the school we were attending couldn't care less about what happened to our earth. THIS is what the few of us who DO actually care have to deal with. People who don't care one way or the other. I think that that is PATHETIC

(Lilac) ...and weak...lazy...stupid...

Right...We aren't saying that we are obsessive tree huggers, but at least we CARE to a degree about what happens to the earth. After all, whatever comes of the earth, effect ALL humans. We are here because we want to try, however little we can do, to do something to make a difference. (Hint hint, instead of JUST ranting on the blog, rant, but participate where you live)

J.Pan probably got mad at the tree for a branch or something falling on her or whatnot. You should have see what she TRIED to do when challenging the ocean after a wave nearly knocked her over.

How can one tell when ones dog...never mind...

Tilla and the rest of the Coven

Question: Are we suck-ups?

Seth here. So, like, i'm new to this whole thing, and I sometimes think that some things get a little tree-huggery. But sometimes things actually make rational sense.

97% of the earth is water. Now is all that water drinkable fresh water? No. Of course not. That would just make life so much easier, and that's not how things roll. 3% of the earth's water is fresh water, and two percent of that is frozen at either poles of the world. Which leaves me to the conclusion that 1% goes to human beings. There are billions of us freakazoids on the earth, and we all share the water.
Now it's up to you to decide what to do about it.


(P.S. How'd I get invited to this surorrity anyway? I'm not even a tree hugger.)