Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Now.... that picture at the top of my blog will change every now and then to show all the animals eventually effected by pollution and bad things in the environment.... mainly the Human element..... cause most hybrids are created with a very large connection with the whether that was done on purpose or not i don't know, but most kids are too (young adults whatever) , and short people, i don't know about the last one but it is just something i noticed.... then again... most people are shorter than i so..... nevermind

ANYWAYS!! now the pic is a polar bear... athey are effected by global warming , which is caused by air pollution..... which is caused by stupid cars and power plants that on coal.... and yes, i blame the oil companies completely for global warming... storm blames me.... whatever..... so new energy ideas..... solar, wind, waves, hydrogen, water, OH and don't forget (this is not an energy idea) Carbon Scrubbing..... taking carbon out of the air using caustic soda..... it captures carbon and stores it, then you freeze the carbon, and send it to the bottom of the ocean.....
okay so i was watching the discovery channel cause i was sooooooooo bored..... Project Earth is the name of the show and you should all try to check it out.

wow..... that was only supposed to be like one sentence..... sorry



CruzControl said...

Sonar... Nice pic

Those were some good ideas, here'a few that have worked for me.

-CFL lightbulbs (actually I threw a few of these in the shopping cart at the store and my dad didn't even notice, even after we paid HEHE)

-Use a water filter vs. bottled water, saves $ and container waste ( also reusable bottles like aluminum or insulated would work)

-Wear/Buy clothes that don't need to be dry-cleaned (actually I just remind my mom of this whenever we go shopping) saves $ and toxic chemical use

-Displace water in toilet tank. Here's how. You get an empty plastic container with lid or large water bottle and make sure it'll fit in your toilet tank without touching anything mechanical ( lever, chain, floaty thing, etc), anyway fill it with water and submerge into tank. the water displaces is the amount of water saved every flush and in our house 2 bathrooms and 5 people that's alot. Plus no one notices because only the water in the toilet tank is effected not the toilet bowl (I've convinced several neighbors to do this one)

-Unplug appliances or use a power strip (they have those new smart strips that conserve even more energy... I confess I still have to get those) but I still unplug stuff, I even made a game out of it for my lil' bros, we had 14 things that were needlessly plugged in. I thought it was cool until 2 days later my mom was in a bad mood, frustrated that there was something wrong with the washing machine, yeah it was just unplugged WOW my bros were good. I'm just glad they didn't unplug something like the fridge.

-Set computer to "sleep" automatically, reduces energy use by 70% (screen savers, although cool, do not conserve energy)

-Print double-sided, or use old single-sided copies for scratch paper, notes, etc

-Use a lower weight paper for printing, kills less trees and usually cheaper (or better yet buy recycled paper for printing, I know Office Depot has it it's called EnviroCopy and costs same)

-I have a big paper tray on my desk for used paper or papers that are no longer useful (mom throws her junkmail in there, too) and once a week I take it to the big green recycle dumpsters behind our school (if your school doesn't have those you really should)

-Use your cell phone as your alarm clock in the morning, mine's usually charging all night anyway, so you don't have to waste the energy use of alarm clock

I meant for that to be alot shorter, what can I say I have a subtle passion. Oh Well. Hope you find it helpful. GO GREEN


SilverTip said...

i love polar bears!!!!!!! i can't believe we are killing them and melting their ice (sigh)


Storm said...

yay cruzcontrol! GO RAINBOW!