Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So..... we need to stop all this pollution and all this bad stuff in the world right?
Some may ask why.... well i'm gonna tell y'all....

Save the polar bears
Save the rain forest
save the tigers
save the pandas
save all of the species of furry friends that radar has
AND MOST OF ALL!!!! Save the our life size penguins so they can eat whatever that girl's name is that always comes up in conversations on the bus ride home........ ( storm would get it...the rest of you probably won't)




Anonymous said...

Just a thought

You know how all those new hybrid cars are supposed to be all enviromnetally friendly? Well, what;s happening to all your old cars? Most of them are ending up in the junkyard.
I know some cars are being sold for scrap metal and such but my point is a lot of people waste so much for things that are so unnessesary.

Echo,Lilac,Tilla,Celedae said...

I totally agree.

At boston market I noticed that they put your food in those gigantic plastic plates with giant dome that cover them...even when your eating it THERE. Which means as soon as you finish your food you throw out a bunch of plastic that you didn't even really touch.

Here's a thought. Start eating at home and buy things at the grocery store. Not only does it save money, it saves a bunch of our resources. And most brocery stores have reusable bags or places to recycle the plastic bags they give you.

Everyone needs to grocery shop eventually, it's not that hard to recycle those little bags.

Make a difference people!


Radar said...


Storm said...

her name's lauren... and YES SAVE THE PENGUINS!!!!