Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Good points

Anonymous Said:
Just a thoughtYou know how all those new hybrid cars are supposed to be all enviromnetally friendly? Well, what;s happening to all your old cars? Most of them are ending up in the junkyard. I know some cars are being sold for scrap metal and such but my point is a lot of people waste so much for things that are so unnessesary.

Echo,Lilac,Tilla,Celedae said...
I totally agree.At boston market I noticed that they put your food in those gigantic plastic plates with giant dome that cover them...even when your eating it THERE. Which means as soon as you finish your food you throw out a bunch of plastic that you didn't even really touch.Here's a thought. Start eating at home and buy things at the grocery store. Not only does it save money, it saves a bunch of our resources. And most brocery stores have reusable bags or places to recycle the plastic bags they give you. Everyone needs to grocery shop eventually, it's not that hard to recycle those little bags.Make a difference people!


Sonar Says:
Wow you two....those are really good points...and the plastic bags are actually ILLEGAL!!! in some other countries... or frowned upon in socitey because.... well..... THEY GET INTO EVERYTHING!!!!!!! Next time you get a target bag.... look on the side... it has like ten or so ideas to REUSE it...even reusing them helps.... cause then you use less..... thhen they don't go everywhere as soon.....
And yeah.... Echo is right..... we really do need to start shopping at grocery stores.... i mean come on people! is it really that hard to put a piece of chicken in a pan throw some salt a pepper onit then get the instant rice and have chicken and rice?! come on...there are so many easy things to do..... just go but it and ccok it....don't just buy it...... and the whole car thing..... just scrap your car don't give it to a junkyard...put it out by the road with a for sale sign..... if it's that bad put it out with a sign that says parts for sale! DON'T PUT IT IN THE JUNKYARD!!!!!!!

Thanks for listening.... now actually do it.


ps. thanks Jess and No Longer Loving People! your support is greatly appreciated!


Storm said...

heehee i is now a contributer!
and in england, you automatically get a discount if you use your own bags!
smart people, those europeans...

Storm said...

and no one else commented besides me... *sniff* i'm so alone...