Thursday, October 23, 2008


I have a great idea!!! Maybe we could use magnetism to make cars hover and flout with out gasoline!!! It would be a fawesome but there's a problem... I'm too young to be heard and I need someone older then me to give it to a scientist (not evil and mad and crazy and etc.) Anyway we the kids of the future need to make plans and ideas cause adults are going to kill us even before we can do a single thing so get out there and make plans for the future NOW!!! or forever hold you peace and let us die... yes it's sad to say it but we WILL die if we don't do something SOON!!!


chocolate lover said...

That's exactly what I thought we could do (no kidding), Magnetism, but it would take forever to remake the roads, plus, how would people get to work? There are a few road blocks but I think it just might work.

chocolate lover said...

I also thought we could find a way to use grass as gas, since it's almost everywere in the world.

Gandalf said...

Just becuse you'r young dos'nt mean you can be herd!If you have an idea speek up, the world needs it!I'm an inventer myself and I'm working on a lot of stuff like that: Cars that don't run on gas,lights that tern themself off when not needed,ext.