Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Vroom vroom!!

Hey look at this!




Pein said...

Wow, cool car. Oh, and environmentally friendly!

Seth said...

THAT IS SO COOL. i want that car.

Anonymous said...

YAY echo miracurasly made it back unharmed even though her blog says shes dead!


chained up with sand. said...

peine!!!!What's up dawg?!


Just Me said...

Geez Echo don't you ever get any sleep? four in the freakin morning??

....no wonder you couldn't fight them off long...OOPS Sorry! That was mean...

Anonymous said...

whats with the freakin sarcasim, smartass? Apparently, you aren't much of an observer, Anonymous, now are you?

Lay off the sarcasm, stupid.

Anonymous said...

hey... Im not stupid...

Vampwitch said...

hey hey hey now

let's play nice here.
Both of you have a point.
Yes Anon. 2, the caps made it seem sarcastic, but Anon. 1 also seems to be onto something. The scienctists said that Echo was dead. Did Lilac or Tilla confirm that? No.

I do know where she is, I do know why she's not talking and I do understand that it is not safe for any of the hybrids.

Now to get back on track, that car was utterly awesome.

You know, maybe scientist should stop worrying about hybrid people and start working more on enviromentally friendly products like this one.

GO GREEN! (not orange) =D lol

Vampwitch (kinda like a sandwich but totally different...)