Saturday, January 17, 2009


well, i haven't posted on here yet and i decided, "hey, wh not? might as well let thepeoples here know that I'm alive and kickin' still." so, here i am posting. about what, i have yet to decide.

alright, i may have decided.

it's so unfortunate that our generation(assuming that the majority of people here happen to be of my generation) is inheriting the planet the way it's becoming. it's quite unfortunate. I know hat a lot of adults of the baby boomer generation(my parents and likely yours) want to help the environment and everything, but i've noticed that there's a lot of "It's not my problem 'cause I'm gonna be long gone by then" attitude among them. And all of the systems(government, school, work) are encouraging us to become just like them because, according to them, that's the only way we're ever gonna survive in the world. what we really need to do, though, is break out of the "man's" shackles and take the earth into our own hands. 'cause not a lot of other people seem to be wanting to do much except our generation.and even then there's those of us that have already been indoctrinated into the baby boomer way of thinkning and think that all we need is money which can be gotten by going into businesses that use up our natural resources and pollute the environment. It's just not right! Or fair! i know, i now, life isn't fair! but i think we deserve a chance to try and repair the world without the other generations getting in our way. they should be trying to help us, not carrying on with destructive ways of life!!

It gets to me sometimes, i gotta say.

The moral of the story is try to get as many people as possible thinkning about the ennvironment before money. I know how hard it is in todays society, which revolves almost COMPLETELY around money, but i know it's worth a try and we can do it iif there's enough people helping!! After all, I'd like to see us inherit the world in one piece and as healthy as we can get it.

Here's some people saving the world!! awesome stuff here!!

~Cuppy Fox


Count Gaara said...

I agree it is mighty unvortunate.
I'm glad to have you on....Vor others I'm staying vis vay!


Mark said...

Hey. Uh, cool, and, uh, oh yeah, I, uh, am, well, BACK!

Remember the Laughter said...

i would like to help this world and become an "earth saver"

my email is

i agree that this world is being murdered, by our ancestors' murderous hands.

Cruz said...

So true Cuppy... *hugs*

Anonymous said...

its very unfortunate that the adults (assuming that most of us on here are teenagers) couldn't care less that the Earth is going to be destroyed if they don't think of something to help fix it. Here people are, complaining about the environment being destroyesd when THEY"RE CONTRIBUTING.If the adults really want whats best for us like the always say they do, they'll try to fix it.

Count Gaara said...

Yeah!the economy is going down!!Awsome!Did you notice how quickly people stopped buying gas?It's amazing....Toatal bummer tho.


Seth said...

i'm just gonna write 'cool'.

Count Gaara said...

Well ok then...You do that.