Sunday, January 11, 2009

The world is doomed. Embrace it, but just not yet.

This is reporter doctor Hector Shade here. Or just Nathaniel. You know what I find is funny? No matter what we do, the earth is doomed. YAY! Well, give it a couple billion years. BOOOOOO! One day our sun will die out, and then explode, sucking us into the black hole left behind. Isn't that scrumptious!

Now, I'm not for global warming, or the destruction of the earth, but we, as a generation are trying to act so much better, but aren't we doing the same thing we always do? Shifting the world's next big problem onto the next generation's shoulders? If you guessed yes, then your right! Because human kind is bound to screw up again. Why? Because we're human kind! It's what we do best! And keep in mind, global warming isn't entirely our fault. It is a natural occurrence. Not saying that we aren't screwing up though, because global warming was blown out of proportion by, who else? US! HIGH FIVE FOR US SCREW UPS!

But there will be another problem, that will be just as threatening. And the next generation will be like "HEY! HOW DID YOU NOT SEE THIS COMING!? JESUS! Well, looks like generation peanut needs to clean up! HIGH FIVE! Who gets to save the world this time? PEANUT! PEANUT!" and then once they do, there will be a documentary about it, and at the end it will say. "And so generation Peanut pulled together to stop the Juicy Fruit disaster." and we'll feel ashamed that we didn't see the Juicy Fruit disaster coming. Our only consolation will be that our disaster had a better name. And some day hundreds of years from now, in a social studies text book our story will be told, and it will be really really boring to listen to. And some kid will say. "Look at these plaknars! It took them forever to stop ol' GW!" and then the teacher will say. "Now now Irk. Those were different times. Uh oh! Look out, another wave of Blazing Photon is coming! Prepare your desk shields!" then the boy will say. "Looks like generation Laser Fang is going to have to save the earth! Stupid generation Hydro Pump." And the teacher will look down in shame.

My point is, besides that we can't compete with a disaster named Blazing Photon, or a generation called Laser Fang, that if or when we do, don't act so smurky about it, because the human race is going to have a lot of problems to it's bitter black holey end. And don't frown too much on the human race. A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link, and we have a hell of a lot of weak links. We produce smart, and great people. We have produced heroes, but not everyone is a hero. So let's save the world from global warming, and do what we can about the next problem, die, and be yammered on about in a text book by a teacher from a generation named after a Pokemon attack, and be happy that we served our purpose.




Me Myself and I said...

impending doom:


Nathaniel said...

No, not at all. Don't ever say that to me again.

Lilac said...

That's not a scary thought at all no is it.

Of course the human race is to blame. Humans are stupid.

People suck.
We deal with it. We ATTEMPT to solve our problems. But in the end, we are all going to end up the same way as everyone else. How we get there is going to be slightly different...but our fates are all the same

Lilac said...

that no should be *now

Nathaniel said...

Not all humans are stupid. And it├Ęs only the stupid ones that say stuff like that.

You can't give up, because you don't accomplish anything like that. At least if you push through as far as is possible, then you can say that you gave it your all.


impending doom.
that makes us all feel so much better.....

Cruz said...

Natty, I totally get what you're saying, but I just couldn't stop laughing at the names you put for generations and problems. lol thanks for posting again!

*hugs* Cruz

chained up with sand. said...

Doom? It's dooms day again!!!

Temari said...

dooms day, yet again. how did i not see that coming? oh yeah. i did. someone is gonna do something REALLY stupid like release a whole bunch of CFCs and the ozone is gonna have a much bigger hole in it, then we're all gonna die of skin cancer in the generation of......Narutard.

Count Gaara said...

oh well...We're all gonna die.
I think our job is to make sure
that we increase the time and balance until then....We all know people do things that are stupid.
We gotta do what we can...That includes inspireing the world to do the same....WE WILL NOT FAIL IF WE WORK TOETHER!!!!IT'S US AGAINST THE WORLD!!!!!YOU UP FOR IT?????LET'S GO!!!!!

Nathaniel said...

Somehow I get the feeling that some of you just read the title and decided they had stuff to say about the title.