Monday, September 21, 2009

SAVE THE EARTH!!!!!!!! ok guys so i was doing some research and then i decided that i would come up with my own tip right out of my own mind!!!! so this is what i thought of:
  1. instead of a bookmark use a piece of grass or a leaf (got this idea from Emerald's blog Guiding Light - hope u don't mind Emerald)
  2. if u like to write... use both sides of the paper and if u can write small double up so their is 2 lines in one
  3. if u r mowing ur lawn and ur neighbor needs theirs mowed then mow it - u'll prvent some fossil fuels from entering the atmosphere
  4. don't just crumple up paper when ur mad and throw it out!! go do something active outdoors (sports, tree-climbing, running, play with ur brothers or sister -if u hav any-, play with pets ect)
  5. RECYCLE OLD CLOTHES!!!! i think u guys could do this one! all you have to do is give ur clothes away to a shelter or to a younger sibling or family member. if u wantd to make some extra cash u could even sell them in a mini yard sale
think about it guys. every person who makes an effort helps the earth even more.



Cuppy said...

woot woot!!!! I turn old clothes (if they're ratty) into other clothes. I made a pair of pocket pants out of reccled shorts, shirts and a bikini. It's great fun!!

Echo said...

I'm glad that you guys are still posting. And yes I agree with all that.