Saturday, May 2, 2009

Starbucks coffee is helping the planet.

Seriously! Who knew drinking the richest coffee could help the enviroment? For every coffee you buy they donate some of the money to Conservation International, which is an organization that helps conserve acers of rainforests at a a time, which in turn, keeps 100 tons of CO2 out of the atmosphere. You know what else starbucks is doing? If you bring in your own personal mug, they deduct 10 cents off your bill, and you save a paper cup. They also used recycled paper for thier cups. And the lids are made of recycled plastic. So go get some coffee!


Cuppy said...

woohoo!! go starbucks!! and i love that coffee, too! XD

wanna know a good way to get a cheap drink there? ask for a glass half full of soy milk('cause soy is free there) then get the other half(or so) filled with crushed ice(also free) and buy a shot of espresso. voila! uber cheap drink. not to mention brink your own mug and extra ten cents off! =D

but if you don't like soy, you could always ask for regular milk. it isn't too much more.

Echo said...

haha all of the above soundsawesome. Thanks for the I just need to find a starbucks near here...and the willpower to walk to it... Then I'd be all set.

Oh and if Salom happens to read this...i think we were ALLL called gay. Us caring about the environment does NOT make us gay. And so what if any of us are? What difference does that make? That doesn't nessesarily have any impact negative or positive on the state of the earth. POINTLESS INSULT.

Anyway, rant done...and so is Government Paper! YAY!

I'm going to go now


Sonar said...

Well, i honestly don't think anyone who reads this blog needs coffee, but go but something else there, like sugar free decaf coffee. or just drink the regular stuff and look out world.

Sonar said...

*go buy*

Thief:Friend keeper enemy killer said...

I dont like coffee.....But....If it helps the world I'll forse myself to drink it!