Wednesday, May 27, 2009


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This is odd



um... hi? said...

I know this is amazing and great for medical research and all, but isn't breeding animals with diseases kinda like animal cruelty. I don't agree with testing potentially harmful drugs on animals, but if you do, I'm not trying to be judgmental, but I'm genuinely interested in what animal-rights advocates will do with this.

Cuppy said... offense to the cool factor in this, but that's a little disgusting in my books. I think if we're going to do any form of animal testing it shouls be on other humans. after all, we can ask a human for their permission. we can't tell what the opinion of another animal is 'cause we don't speak their language.

But that's just me.

Peace out.

The Reaper said...

cool. but cruel. we shouldn't be tampering with nature like that. if we do, that is how the world is going to end. this is a perversion of what is intended for us. WE ARE RUING THE POOR MONKEY GENE POOL!!!!



The Reaper said...


MaxRideRules said...

my point exactly
its just weird