Saturday, January 24, 2009

Silvana and Baina

We are new to this blog.
Just wanted know. Say hi, and introduce ourselves.

We would separate into two blogs but it was easier to share this one and since we're twins, well I guess it doesn't really matter...

I for one would love to see an eclipse and I found that article real interesting. (The one below, that Tilla posted)

I know this is fairly short and has nothing to do with Saving the World, but we just wanted to say hi.

Silvana and Baina Emerson


Cuppy said...

HI!!!!!!!!!!! welcome to the team!!!...of which i am also a new member...XD

Count Gaara said...

Greetings.....Welcome to where we complain but do something about what's wrong with the world.


I'm not formal.....
I promiss.
It didn't turn out like I expected.
Anyways WELCOME/HI!!!!!!!!!!!!

Orphan Angel said...

i would like to help my email is

welcome to the blog!!!!

Me? said...

welcome. I'm new here, too