Friday, January 30, 2009

Here's an intersting fact I learned in my Earth&Space Science class today :

*Using Geyser powerd plants [power plants?] for energy is extremly cost efficient.

obvioulsy it does no harm to the enviroment, and you are using enrgy that is other wise deminished into the air. [that may not be possible. becuase I don't think you can destroy enrgy.]

It may take more time to recieve more energy, because it takes awhile to fill up the water chambers so that the geyser will blow again, but it sure beats neclear power plants!

Don't you think?


Cuppy said...

woohoo for natural forms of energy!!! YAYZZ!!!

although i must say the workings of nuclear energy is quite fascinating...though, i concede, really not pracical for energy on arge scales such as human uses.

Moonwolf said...

That could soon as the goverment starts this