Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Endless Building

Hey, It's Moonwolf posting for the First time on this Blog! WooT!

I've realized that Human beings are always building bigger or better things, even though Oh-so-long ago we didn't need all of these fancy stuff...all we needed was a cave and some sticks! Does anyone know why Human beings need to build so much? We build and build, but it all gets torn down anyway!

My question is this:Why are we always building so much things that we never use and claim we need?

Signed: Moonwolf - The hunter for the true path


Cruz said...

so true... I'm not exactly willing to live in a cave or anything =p but as far as building stuff we don't need, there's 3 McDonald's within a 5 minute drive of where I live, it's such a waste...


Salom said...

but cruz, what if one or two of the mcdonalds gets blown up by, lets say, radar getting angry
you see
this way
you have mcdonalds in reserve
so youll never miss out on greasy fatty food that should be made illegal

isnt life full of fun

Cruz said...

lol I didn't think about that

Echo said...

well that shouldn't be happening anyway. either way there would be a lot of wasted materials and rubble...