Sunday, November 9, 2008

Responding to comments in previous post

I know using the plastic bags seems like a waste, which is why I suggest USING them instead of WASTING them, but think about it. The food drive is good idea and if you contribute to it then you are uing the bags AND helping someone. Getting two birds with one stone, so to speak.

Oh and...

We're fags? Why THANK YOU!

(Takes one to know one, though, keep that in mimd)

Seriously though, if you think that we are fags because we would like to actually do something to help others/environment then I believe that YOU are the fag.
I also do not like the term fag. Therefore, you are an idiot. Get your gigantic head out of your butt and stop wasting your time, and mine/ours, by leaving retarded comments.

Anyway,my apologies for the crudeness. I needed to say that.




Nuclear said...

nuclear power is thermally polluting the atmosphere... with the big towers... all the steam is actually latent heat.... or hidden heat... it is then released into the atmosphere and ..... yeah..poof global warming from the idiots...

Storm said...

although the sniper towers on the smoke/steamstacks are pretty cool... very high up

Robert Varulfur said...

Amen about the guy who called you a fag.

I swear this isnt Salom said...

yes, instead of nuclear lets use coal!!! that sounds like a GREAT idea. you know how much coal energy 1 pound of uranium produces?????????? over 50 TONS. but you know what sounds like an even better idea than coal power? YOU SOAKING YOR STUPID LITTLE HEAD!!!!!!!!!
that is all

It still isnt me said...

I appologize to all those peepl who dont believe in nuclear energy, intelegence, and soaking of heads

Gandalf said...

I'm going with robert varulfur on that one!

Cruz said...

To Anonymous Person:

I've said this before.... it takes 46 muscles in your face to frown but only 4 muscles to give the bird, and everyone here are big supporters of conserving energy.


Cruz said...

heehee... I got distracted and forgot to comment

To Echo:
yes, we should try to reuse everything we can, before it winds up in a dump somewhere, my family use canvas bags for shopping but on the off day we forget our canvas bags we reuse the plastic ones we get as trash bags for small trash cans by the computer or in the bathroom. So I get what you were saying.

Anonymous said...

Lets send wolf-boy to that island of plastic bags. then he will eat them and when they are all gone then he will drown. works for everyone

Gandalf said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thor said...

To Anonymous Person
If you really think that you'er a hertless naga

Anonymous said...

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